Cartier Santos Replica Watches Review: The New For 2019 Model

After Cartier introduced the previous generation”Santos 100″ set in 2004, it was in honor of the 100th anniversary of what is one of the very first initial watch designs ever created. I analyzed the Cartier Santos 100 here on aBlogtoWatcha few years back and still feel quite lovingly about this version — but more about that later. Now my focus is on the new”Santos de Cartier” Big Model that Cartier released in ancient 2018. Cartier ladies gold replica watches wanted to guarantee that the new Santos watches would hit stores soon after the introduction (a practice not quite typical in the watch industry) and reports are the sales of their new Santos versions are strong. The particular version I reviewed is that the Cartier Santos reference W2SA0006, which has a two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold case in addition to the larger 39.8mm instance (Cartier also produces a bigger 35.1mm wide version of the new Santos).

There’s a lot to say about the Cartier Santos for 2018 and I discussed lots of the overall collection information and highlights on aBlogtoWatch in this informative article here. In that article you’ll read more about the available versions (and their prices) and what Cartier is trying to accomplish with the newest Santos collection. This review will build on my talk of the Santos in previous posts such as the preceding linked-to Santos 100 review.

My overall impressions of the Cartier Santos Big Model are extremely excellent. Some also state that the smaller model may also be worn as a men’s watch, but I’m pretty certain that in the West, the huge majority of 35.1mm wide Santos models will be sold to girls. Besides the dimensions, the primary difference between the larger and smaller Santos model is the positioning of a date window display (which exists on the larger model but not on the smaller model).

In steel the new Santos case is water-resistant to 100m and has a curved sapphire crystal. The case is well-made with both brushed and polished surfaces. Place in the crown is a blue spinel cabochon. Cartier santos dumont replica watches once used sapphire crystal cabochons, but they only do this on their high-end versions nowadays. You can see exactly how much like the older and newer Santos cases are from a layout perspective. This includes much of the crown shield arrangement as well as the geometric crown . One reason is that the gold screws in the bracelet comparison more and add visual interest. Second is the exact same growth in contrast, thanks to the gold bezel.

I am going to spend a good deal of time talking about the bracelet since it is both a vital portion of this timepiece as well as an area which I believe requires a lot of discussion. Partially because I don’t think either the new or old bracelet would win in a fight. In reality, Cartier didn’t (in my opinion) really”replace” the old generation Santos 100 using the new generation models (even though the old versions are no longer produced). Instead, Cartier published a brand new flavor of the Santos which is perhaps more prepared to compete in today’s tricky luxury watch industry.

My fondness for the previous generation Cartier Santos 100 is especially for matters that the newest generation versions tried to depart previously. The chunky, masculine, and elegant Santos 100 was by no way as diplomatic or versatile as the new generation models that Cartier santos chronograph replica watch made to tone down a few of the previous model’s polarity. That said, I have to say that I regret the choice to design a more straightforward deployant for the newest generation models. It’s decent but I really don’t enjoy the pushers that stand out just like ears under the bracelet. What I really miss is the more complicated deployant of the last generation model.

Of course, the previous generation bracelet didn’t have the fancy engineering of this new Santos bracelet which has both the QuickSwitch and SmartLink systems. Cartier was smart to include both a bracelet and a brown leather strap using the Santos. Obviously, you may likely buy additional straps out of Cartier, but with the proprietary strap connection system you will not have the ability to use aftermarket straps for your opinion. That’s not a huge deal though, because although Cartier santos galbee automatic clone watches will charge you a Cartier-size price because of their straps, they are also of a very respectable quality.

Cartier does include a little tool to assist you correct the bracelet but you don’t actually need it. In order to get rid of a link you need just press a small pusher, which then releases a spring-loaded pin. Using your fingers you pull the pin out a little more as a way to release the connection with the adjoining link. In just a few minutes a novice can adjust the dimensions of their bracelet. This is great but I really wonder how often people will be correcting the bracelet after the first time that they size it. It isn’t like the opinion feels as though it comes with a premium cost for this particular piece of functionality, but it is perhaps a shame that users of this watch will so infrequently be able to apply this well-designed SmartLink system.

The QuickSwitch system in the lugs is one of many these quick-release systems available now. Cartier’s system is far better than many, and by that I mean in regard to build quality and a sense of assurance that the relationship between bracelet and the case is strong. I’ve used other similar quick-release approaches and while most are good, a few of them cause concern regarding how well they may age after a lot of repeated use. You’ll utilize the QuickSwitch method to release the strap or bracelet in the case if you would like to swap them. You will do this because it’s both enjoyable and helps combine the style of your watch. Honestly, if you are a man who likes the look of a watch strap and also likes the look of matching colours, then getting a ring at at least brown, black, and grey makes a lot of sense. Yes you need to purchase some additional straps, but the result is a very straightforward way to keep your watch as stylistically versatile as possible.

Blued steel”sword-style” palms are a hallmark of many Cartier timepieces, which includes the Santos. A similar form but different execution for those hands was provided on the last generation models that have black, lume-filled hands. The dial on this new Santos is really a bit bigger, and the hour markers are somewhat smaller. Note that the preceding generation version did not have the date, whereas the newest creation 39.8mm broad case version of the Santos does have a date indicator window (positioned neatly in 6 o’clock).

Among my favorite attributes of the Santos de Cartier watch is its ability to be both easy and interesting at the same time. As a wristwatch it’s comfortable, provides familiar information, and provides a hassle-free and flexible sporting and ownership experience. Its timeless design allows it to work in many different contexts and it has more communicative energy than your standard round-case dress watch. In addition to the distinctive case shape, Cartier’s usage of screws and the classic on-brand dial helps give the watch more character than its rivals. Cartier santos xl diamond fake further succeeded in creating the new Santos watches more relevant. The quick-release bracelet/strap system in addition to the thinner case profile make this a more compelling watch for more folks these days. If anything, I really like the former creation Santos 100 XL as much as I do because it had been a less inclusive design and also a little more of an acquired taste on the wrist. With this creation version, Cartier has generated the most wearable men’s Santos watch of modern times. Beyond that, I can easily see collectors possessing both generations of men’s Santos watches.